My Dream

You will find diversity in this blog of mine. There is so much that I want to share.

But there is one thing I care about the most. And it is polarizing. It triggers strong reactions.

You might be tempted to immediately stereotype me and want to put me in a box because of it.

But I challenge you to try to suspend your preconceptions for a few moments.

I promise it will be worth it. You have probably never seen this before.

Not in this particular “configuration”, for sure.

So what is it? What do I most care about?

The thing I care about the most is utopia.

Still here? Great.

I care about utopia and more precisely how to get “there”.

Because I don’t want to be just another “talker”.

From Wikipedia:

A utopia (/juːˈtpiə/ yoo-toh-pee-ə) is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities.

Nothing impossible about utopia, if this is the definition.

And especially if the concept of utopia can help get a sense of direction, all the better.

So why care for utopia? Well…

For billions of people on this planet, life kinda sucks. 

For billions, life is quite a dystopia… the opposite of utopia.

And I… don’t like it.

So, I care about making the world a better place. That’s my dream.

I also want a better life for myself, but that is probably not surprising.

Anyway, I hope you can relate, one way or another.

And yes, I really mean the world. This big spaceball.

I want to have a high-scale impact.

And I’m working on it, of course.

But I’m still telling you about my dream, so…

For starters, 

I dream of a world

where the common citizen

actually understands

what’s going on.

I mean, please. So much ignorance. You know what I mean?

Maybe you know what I mean, maybe you don’t.

But that’s ok. Because I know. And I am sharing it with you.

I am going to tell you how I know… and, most importantly, what I know.

First of all I know because somehow I always cared about justice.

I also always had a desire for knowing how things work, in general.

And one day, in a discussion thread on facebook, a friend suggested I look into something.

That was the moment that I came across the “hidden knowledge” that is my guide these days.

Actually, fuck those quotation marks.

I really came across hidden knowledge a few years ago.

And it did change,

fundamentally and for practical purposes,

how I understand the whole mechanics of reality.

What, then, did I find?

I will tell you in a second.

But first, if you don’t mind, I want to give you a bullet list.

I just want to expand a little on my dream.

And then you will understand why what I found is so important and amazing.

If you’ve read so far, I will probably not lose you now.

But in any case, I ask you again to suspend your preconceptions for a moment.

Because I’m not the only one with this kind of dream. And often you hear this type of dreams and when you ask “how to achieve it”, it is usually at the cost of violating someone’s natural rights.

And there seems to be no ideal way to go about it.

As if someone always has to be stepped on, no matter what we do.

But I believe I know how to get closer to utopia in a truly just way.

This truly just way is the “hidden knowledge” that I was just talking about above.

It’s not really hidden as in “conspiracy”. I mean, it’s on Wikipedia.

But somehow it has been neglected and forgotten.

We’ll get there very soon.

So allow me to ramp up the “insanity” first.

Among many other things, I dream of a world where:

  • Everybody has a comfortable, private, safe home
  • Everybody has delicious food to enjoy and share
  • Everybody has beautiful, practical, comfortable clothes
  • Everybody can travel and explore the rest of the world
  • Everybody can start a project and handle it personally

I also dream of a world where:

  • Nobody has to work for someone else to secure a living
  • Nobody has to pay a slumlord to have access to a piece of land
  • Nobody has to waste time with bloated, useless bureaucracies
  • Nobody has to be persecuted for their personal life choices
  • Nobody has to fear punishment for “disobeying the leaders”

I even dream of a world where, sooner rather than later:

  • We completely stop consuming fossil fuels, and fully harness the sun
  • We clean the oceans, the rivers and the lakes from all our pollution
  • We can defend ourselves from a meteor coming our way, if it happens
  • We manage to defeat cancer and all other nasty diseases of today
  • We find our way to live harmoniously in full respect for diversity

And these are definitely not campaign promises for some election.

These are simply some of my dreams for a future brighter than what we have now.

And I believe we can go for it without any need for left/right fundamentalism…

I actually believe in a reconciliation of the left/right aspirations of the common citizen.

And once we get to that level of clarity, those who rule us and oppress us, won’t anymore.

So, are you still here?

You’re awesome.

Yes, typically these aspirations sound like little more than dreams.

But what if this kind of reality could become true?

I believe it can.

And I’m not the only one.

One way or another, so many of us are working for this.

But we need to accelerate it.

And we need to stop doing the wrong things that keep us stuck…

So here comes:

Where are you?

Could you point your location on the map?

Now think about what a “location” really is.

Location, as in, a place on the land, is a natural resource.

Because no human created it. Simple as that.

And for thousands of years it has already been known,

written and spoken about,

that Land, as in location, is a fundamental factor in economics.

But one century ago, economics was corrupted.

It was the transition to neo-classical economics.

Basically, people were progressively made to believe that land is the same as capital.

And what a disservice. Capital is man-made. Land is not.

Yeah, what a mess. I know

It has long been known that the rent of land

is legitimate common property of all citizens.

But, the fact is that the rent of land

is going to the pockets of a few.

Something’s wrong here. I mean…

Land is never really a topic of discussion in our world.

Land is not discussed among friends discussing politics.

Land is not discussed on debates on television.

Land is not discussed in school.

Land is not even discussed in economics school.

Or sometimes it is… barely.

And you know what economics students are taught about land?

It’s insane.

They are taught that land is not important anymore.

They are taught that what matters is everything else.

As if we were living in a landless reality, floating in space…

Land is more important,

as a matter of fact,

than ever before.

Because not only are we more and more people on the planet, but this is really starting to look more and more like the Monopoly game: one (or very few) own everything, and everyone else goes bankrupt.

And you know that in the real world, for so many people, going bankrupt means death.

And what if there was a better way,

doing away with the bad parts of the system,

while keeping the good things going?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

So the question is…

Once we know why things are like they are…

Once we know how they can become different…

Will we stand by and do nothing but ignore it?

Or are we going to conquer the change?

I know how tricky this is.

The natural reaction is, indeed, to close one’s eyes…

… particularly when it feels like one wouldn’t stand a chance.

So, I am determined to make this easier for all of us.

I don’t mean easy, but just easier enough to feel realistic.

So you will join and become active. A hero, yourself.

Yes, I’m building an incredible digital platform.

A platform for facilitating clarity and consequence.

Yes you guessed it, it’s got land at its core.

And you can find about it elsewhere on this website.

So let’s save the world or what?


Every one of us has the right to aspire to saving the world,

but also, perhaps, a certain obligation to do so. 

Perhaps, because only you know what you really want.

But probably you also want to save the world…

So welcome to my dream. Make it yours!