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“Sticky” because “Weightless” the song is so awesome I believe it should never leave the first page of my blog because more people need to know about it!

Read more of my bla-blah below, and feel free to play it already (unless you’re a woman and you’re driving — not kidding, it’s a warning by scientists!)

Further details. Science! This.. is… the… most relaxing song in the world.

There is also a 10-hour version on repeat that won’t drive you mad either.

I keep telling people about it. I guess I’ll just refer people to my site now. If this is why you came on here, be most welcome. In any case, be most welcome! That’s the way it is.

Yeah, Weightless, the 8-minute track by Marconi Union + Scientists.

This is such a uniquely incredible song I’ve found a few years ago and most of the time when I mention it or show it to other people it is news to them, which doesn’t cease to amaze me and at the same time make me want to figure out how to help more people get to know about it. Play it already (unless you’re a woman and you’re driving, as I already warned above.)

P.S. while writing this post I just learnt that they even released a 30-minute Extended Version, as they called it. I’m playing it now for the first time, just started. I guess I’m posting this article now and then, yeah, just go and be weightless for half an hour or something. Enjoy!

P.P.S.: Learn below the fold a couple tips from me that I have for you, to not “screw it up” when you play it in certain occasions (the screw-ups in question were harmless, and, of course, weightless… well, no actually the screw-ups were not weightless… but putting Weightless back on pretty much fixed them.

Addendum: certain screw-ups you can avoid because I tell you already:

  • Inside the teledisco, and why there, weight matters (will detail l8r)
  • About advertising e.g. on SC (will detail l8r)
  • About playing it on e.g. Spotify (will detail l8r)

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